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***Master Bedroom*** Example #1 Resident Beneficiary for the Master Bedroom usually about 400-500 sq ft in a 3000-5000 sq ft home is $29,995.00 for the Beneficial Interest and monthly payment of $3990 month. The monthly Interest Deduction would be about $3000 on this type of monthly payment and Property Tax monthly would be close to about $900 per month, all as a deduction on your personal income taxes.


As an Example the master bedroom would have a 24% Beneficial interest for $29,995 on the MASTER BEDROOM IN 4000 SQ FT HOUSE, 5 BEDROOMS 3 BATHS PLUS POOL , JACUZZI, SAUNA, BBQ, TABLE HOCKEY & GRAND MASTERS POOL TABLE AND 35 POINT MASSAGE CHAIR.  TOTAL COST PLUS RENTAL ON MASTER BEDROOM  $33,985.00       ($1.00 per square foot)

Example 1

Bedrooms 1 & 2 Total Purchase $32,360 / $2365 estimated monthly


22 % Beneficial Interest :  includes 2 120 square foot rooms located next to each other on the 2nd floor. Great schools Nice people private Exclusive 3650 square feet of living area in total minus the bedroom total space of 980 square feet makes this bedroom with beneficiary interest cost monthly of  (.65c per square foot)

Example 2

Bedrooms 3 & 4 Total Purchase $32,445 / $2350 estimated monthly


18.2% Beneficial Interest : Your family Swimming and having a great time here! Recently renovated. Enjoy the Property Tax deductions includes 2  rooms  of 110 & 130 square foot rooms located next to each other on the 2nd floor with home square footage of 3790.     (.62c per square foot) 

Example 3

How it Works


The Seller Creates Trust

Seller Agrees to Leave Existing Financing in Place and Leave all Held Equity in place (in whole or part ) and then Create a Trust and Assign the homes Title and Equity to the new entity, the new TRUST.   

Then additional contracts are added to the Trust agreement, ending with a special type of Lease agreement where it spells out that ALL cost of maintenance and upkeep is responsibility of the residents whom are also beneficiaries of the Trust, Resident Beneficiaries .





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